Where are the Gibson Guitartown Austin Art Guitars Now?

Like the recent “Play Me, I’m Yours” Street Piano art project, the beautiful custom guitars of the Guitartown Austin art project graced many popular public spaces around Austin for almost a year starting in November of 2006.

But like all good things, the Guitar Austin project came to an end in October of 2007, when the guitars were auctioned off in the name of charity, collectively raising over half a million dollars to benefit non profit organizations around Austin.

If you want to enjoy the guitars today, you still can, but where can you find them? The Gibson website tells us where the guitars used to be, but nowhere online is there a single placethat that tells you where the guitars are today… until now!

There are two public places where you can find the Austin the art guitars today: up and down Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, and in the baggage terminal in the Austin Bergstrom Airport.

On Congress Avenue, there are 3 guitars:

  • “Vibrancy” by Craig Hein (the guitar shown in the photo), is next to the Frost Tower on the east side of 4th and Congress
  • “Twinkle Twinkle Lone Star” by Amanda Dunbar is on the east side of 2nd and Congress
  • “Sixth String” by Randy Rudman is on the West side of 6th and Congress
  • The real mother-load of Austin art guitars is inside the Austin Bergstrom International Airport in the Baggage terminal on the ground floor. On baggage carousel #3 you will find at least SEVEN of the guitars sitting right next to each other.

    The guitars in the Austin airport include the following:

  • “Piece of my Heart” (pictured), a Janis Joplin (who is from Texas) tribute by Tracie Sutton
  • “Por Vida” by Kathy Marcus
  • “LiveStrong” (Lance Armstrong Foundation tribute) by David Mider
  • “Keep Austin Weird” by Sarah Hickman
  • “Musician” by Howard Weliver
  • “La Guitarra” by Delfin Escalante
  • “MusiCapital” by Sharon Roy Finch
  • “Austin Music Flows” by Debra Prather Samples
  • The next time you are downtown or going through the airport, make sure to check out these cool pieces of art! They are just one of the things that keeps Austin “weird” and a makes it a great place to live!