First Post – About the Book

austin mural closeup postcard view

Everyone loves Austin, and I want to show our city off to the entire world.

I’m currently working hard on a 127 page coffee table photo book a scheduled to be published in Spring 2011.

The book will cover both famous landmarks around town and hidden gems as well. ¬†As a long time Austin resident, I’m trying to capture the true essence of the city in my photos.

I’ll be making posts about the book leading up to the release, and I might even be getting feedback from you to help me make the book even better.

What are the details on the book?
Full color and high quality – see Amazon reviews of the publisher’s other books
Will cover roughly 100 landmarks / attractions and will contain approx. 150+ photos.
I’ll be doing all of the photos for the entire book
Will be available online and in stores around the Austin area

How did I get picked to shoot this cool project?
I’ve been shooting and posting images of Austin for many years. A while back, I was approached by Twin Lights Publishers to photograph their upcoming Austin project which will be entitled Austin, Texas: A Photographic Portrait.

Getting paid to do something I already love? I gladly accepted their offer.

Well, that’s about it! If you have a must see attraction in town that you think I should capture, please leave me a comment!